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 videos de fans non officel

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Le Prince Adam
Prince de l'Eternia Antique

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MessageSujet: videos de fans non officel   2012-07-26, 12:47

de collect'all

kurt.forgrym a écrit:

et arvu pour soutenir la gamme MOTUC

Arvulis a écrit:
C'est le moment de souscrire !!!!

L'heure est grave ! Les souscriptions sont faibles. Il faut agir pour ne pas faire mourir la gamme !!!!
J'ai pris part au mouvement et j'ai fait appel à Mo-Larr !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Pour chaque souscription, vous aurez droit à un coupon pour voter parmi les personnages suivant:

"Mini-Comics" Trap Jaw®
"Read my lips: No new axes."

When we were producing the Toys ‘R’ Us MOTU vs. DCU 2-packs, "Mini-Comic" Trap Jaw® was a top choice for a variant. Although he could technically be a possible candidate for a “quarterly variant” slot in the MOTUC lineup, now that quarterly variants and oversized variants have been combined into the same four slots per year, it is even less likely we will get to this version of Trap Jaw® anytime soon. He is not just a repaint, but would use different sets of shared parts to make a new, more colorful version of one of the most popular MOTU villains of all time. This execution would be based on his original first mini-comic appearance. For his bio, this would simply be a different look for the existing Trap Jaw® character; not an all-new character with its own back story.

Camo Kobra Khan™
"What? You can trussssst me."

Another candidate from the discontinued MOTU vs. DCU 2-packs, this version of Kobra Khan™ was originally released in the vintage line overseas but never in the US. It is the basic Kobra Khan™ with arms from Buzz-Off®, a mace from Clawful®, and a fresh camouflage deco. Much like Trap Jaw®, he could potentially be a candidate for a MOTUC quarterly variant, but with the variants and beasts combined for 2013, it is just a little less likely he’ll ever make it. As for the bio, we would treat him perhaps as a mutation of Kahn, maybe after he eats Ambrosia!

Green Demon™
"Vote mean, vote green!"

This character is from the classic mini-comic “The Masks of Power.” Although he did not win the fan polls in either the US (Illumina) or Germany (Geldor™), he was a top contender in both countries so he’s earned a spot as a candidate. This would be an all-new character using shared parts and new parts as needed. No plans for his partner, the Purple Demon, at this point, but if he wins it increases the chance of perhaps getting to the other demon in time.

"Cloak and Dagger" Evil-Lyn®
"Choose me or I’ll put a death spell on you. Seriously."

When we did a new Evil-Lyn® in 200X colors, fans and customers asked for a more specific version that also included her new tunic. To deliver on this request, we propose this slightly different version of Evil-Lyn® from the 200X series when she was in allegiance to the Snake Men™. She would use the 2.0 female body buck with a single new hooded head, and include an all-new tunic and removable cloak. To create the “ultimate version” of 200X-colored Evil-Lyn®, customers could swap the new hooded head with either the helmet head or non-helmet head from Battleground Evil-Lyn®, much as Bubble Power™ She-Ra® and original She-Ra® can be mixed and matched. This is another figure we may possibly get to in our very limited variant slots, but if she wins the contest, fans just get her that much quicker!

"Crash Landing" Queen Marlena™
"You know you want me."

When we released Captain Glenn™ as a 2011 SDCC figure, she included a green astro suit and could be swapped into Queen Marlena™ in her trademark green dress. Many fans and customers asked for a white repaint to be more accurate to her cartoon and comic appearances… so here you go! This would be a mostly straight repaint with new gloves. Another candidate who could potentially go in a variant slot, but winning the contest guarantees it!

"If I don’t win, I’ll just be blue."

Illumina is the slot choice from He-Man.org. She appeared in a print ad for a never-released issue of the 2002 comic series from MVP Creations and Image Comics. This brand-new character would be a repaint of the tunic/body from Teela®, with a new head and weapon as needed.

"Together we will do evil to all good people!"

Geldor™ is the slot choice from the German fan base. He appeared in the classic mini-comic “The Elixir of Life.” An entirely new character, he would be a combination of new and shared parts as needed.

Song Master
"Dude! Let’s totally rock this vote!"

Song Master was the “narrator” of the 1987 Power Tour live He-Man® singing and dancing show. This would not only be a new character, he’d be a completely new figure with a mix of shared and new parts. He would come with his musical instrument accessory.

Pour ma part, je suis contre Illumina lol! donc j'ai voté pour Mask of Power Demon (pour la première sub) et pour Cam Khan dont je suis big fan (pour la seconde).

Maintenant que nous savons qui tu es, je sais qui je suis ...

Le Prince Adam
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Maître d'armes
Maître d'armes

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MessageSujet: Re: videos de fans non officel   2012-07-26, 18:23

Merci !!! :)

J'ai eu quelques soucis avec les restrictions de pays donc voici le lien pour la vidéo si vous voulez la partager:


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Maître de l'univers
Maître de l'univers

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MessageSujet: Re: videos de fans non officel   2012-07-26, 20:36

Excellente ta vidéo ArVuLiS, j'étais plié en deux, bravo l'artiste Very Happy
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Garde du palais
Garde du palais

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MessageSujet: Re: videos de fans non officel   2012-09-02, 13:39

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MessageSujet: Re: videos de fans non officel   

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videos de fans non officel
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